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Passion Flower School of Burlesque


Sharing the Art of the Tease since 2020

Back Stage Burlesque:

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Our weekly in person burlesque class where you'll learn to move like a showgirl and torch calories like an athlete!


Burlesque based dance fitness with low impact dance and strengthening exercises. Exercises to increase your stamina and protect your bones. Bump, grind, shake, and shimmy your way to a healthier body while having the time of your life.


Where dance party meets flirty fitness! 

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Burlesquercise classes held every Monday and Wednesday night 6-6:50 PM

 @ The South Beach Community center. Sign up Here

Showgirl Strut:

A High Heels Walking Workshop

Showgirl Strut-6.png

There is no denying it, walking tall and gracefully in high heels boosts your confidence and the way others perceive you when walking into a room. Confidence is important whether you are out on a date or attending an office meeting, and the right set of heels can give you that boost of confidence you need for both.


Wearing heels will change the game completely and allow you to feel empowered which can be beneficial for mental and physical health. 

Showgirl Strut class is held every Wednesday night after Burlesquercise

7:10-8:00 PM  @ The South Beach Community center. Sign up Here

Burlesque Information & FAQ: 

What is Burlesque:

What to wear to Burlesquercise Class: 

What do I wear on my feet?

Burlesque is originally an Italian word meaning “mockery.” Historically, it was used to refer to an array of bawdy entertainment that used caricature, satire, and distortion. Today, it's know as the art of the tease. A fun flirtatious, comedic, or playful way to move, reveal and peel an article of clothing or costume.

Fitness clothing is appropriate, but if you feel inclined, black fishnets, stockings, or tights, dance or tight  fitting fitness shorts, or slinky dresses and slips are all great too!

There are a few options when it comes footwear. You can dance barefoot, use socks with tread on the bottom (so you don't slip) or heels that you can dance in are all appropriate and excellent options. Please wear whatever makes you feel good, sexy, and you can dance in.

Welcome to the Oregon Coast's School of  Burlesque 

Drop into our weekly Burlesquercise fitness class,

or sign up for a Burlesque series to develop your own act from start to finish!


Curious about burlesque?

Want to try something different, flirty & fun?

Looking for a community of sassy & driven women to dance with?

Need to get creative & crafty in a safe and supportive environment?

Are you looking to become more assertive and confident in all aspects of your life? are in the right place. 
Find out what Burlesque can do for you!

Find out what YOU ARE made of!  

Put the passion back into your fitness routine to discover the VIXEN within.  

Current Burlesque Classes & Series: 

Beginning Burlesque:


Beginning  Burlesque Poster 2023-2.png

Join Dixie DeLish (Rebecca) in this 50 minute high heels walking and dance workshop. During this class, you will learn and perfect your posture and poise while walking and dancing in heels. She will discuss different types of heels, how to walk in them, how to select the right heels for your feet and needs, and you will spend time learning to walk and dance in the

heels of your choice. 

All levels are welcome whether you are a beginner or advanced heel lover. 

So Grab those heels and get ready to Strut like a showgirl!

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